Yes to Ryan Hughes! 😀

I lived with him in Lester co-op for a year and knew him for many years before that. He is engaged and truly cares about the important things.

My friend, Ryan Hughes, is running for City Council. He has been one of the most emotionally intelligent people I've known (I mean, also book smart af) and never been afraid of being wrong and has grown through that over the years I've known them. My inner-intersectional-feminist is celebrating so hard. He will do great things, he knows his shit, and he knows what he doesn't know. He will think about the impact of his decisions on the community, and especially to those who may not be the most privileged. I trust him. I believe in him. My external-intersectional-feminist is crying. Because this is amazing, and also today is really hard, and this makes it a bit better.

I lived in the student co-ops (Inter-Cooperative Council of Ann Arbor) for many years. That experience steered me toward progressive politics, consensus decision making, and some unique mover-shaker characters including this gentleman, Ryan Hughes, who is running for the Ann Arbor City Council this year. (Think Sabra Briere.) Wahoo! The council could not ask for a better individual. Ryan is a compassionate, techie guy who thinks outside the box and possesses the kind of energy, zeal, and follow through that any leader should have. Please support him!