I had a dream that I went to a party that someone threw because they discovered a magical D&D dungeon. Their plan was that it’d be a fun party to explore the dungeon and figure out its magical traps and puzzles They ordered a bunch of catering and people were more concerned with the “party” aspects than the “magical dungeon” aspects of the party.

Everybody was having conversations, but I was delving deeper and solving jumping puzzles and disarming magic traps.

Well, the party only happened for one night, but ten years later, I was still working on the dungeon!

There kept being catering on the party trays, so every morning, I’d just eat that and then go delving.

One day, the person who originally hosted the party said to me, “Hey, I keep filling that catering tray for you … uh .. how long do you think you’ll be at this?”

and I said “Oh, YOU’re filling the catering tray? I literally thought it got filled by magic!”

Oops, I guess I shoulda checked in with my host! But in my defense, I really was dealing with lots of magical stuff. It was not entirely unreasonable to think the food was put there by magic.