I had a dream that I was visiting a planet that had a weird atmospheric
effect. For a second each sunrise and sunset, the atmosphere lensed a
bunch of the sunlight together and caused super-intense light and heat
that could burn you like an ant under a magnifying glass. You lit on fire
so fast that people referred to these times as “explosion o’clock”. You
could hide from it by getting into any piece of shade that was strong
enough to not also burn. All buildings were built out of stone, and extra
hiding places were placed around. At explosion o’clock, everybody went to
huddle in the shade of one of these places. I was struck by how people of
all sorts of social statuses would huddle together in the shade just for a
second. I was also struck with the nonchalance with which people treated
this. I saw someone walking down the street reading the paper, and then
ducked into the shade for explosion o’clock and then continued on, reading
the paper the whole time.