I had a dream that I was at a party of some sort. Like, an event, not just a thing at someone’s house or whatever. They had this thing where you could bounce a ball and if it landed in the bowl, you got a prize. It was on the honor system. I bounced a ball into the bowl and went over to the prize table. It was like candy and stickers, but then there were car keys there. I was like “why are all these chumps taking candy when they could take the car!” So I took the keys.

I went down to the parking garage to see the car I had won. It was green and looked like a car. But I started wondering if they had really intended for me to win the car this way. For one thing, if I just drove it away, I wouldn’t have any papers to prove that I owned the car! At the very least, I should check with someone about this, and make sure I had understood the situation correctly, and if I had, they could hook me up with the papers.

So I went back in, and they had gathered everybody around for a crisis meeting: It seems someone had stolen the keys to the car, which were supposed to be the grand prize at the thing after the dinner!

I wanted to return the keys, but didn’t want to admit that I had been greedy and thought I deserved them for bouncing a ball into a bowl. So I spoke up with a lie, and I said “I accidentally picked up those keys! I saw them on the table and thought I had left my car keys on the table, sorry about that, here it is.” Nobody believed me, though, and they booed at me.

The end.