I had a dream that I was an AI car (like Knight Rider). I apparently had a humanoid body, too, but it was just a hologram projected by the car.

I met another AI car. We discovered that we could actually have our hologram bodies leave the car, but the further we got from the car, the more stressed out we got. We didn’t dare stray to far or too long.

We both wished we were real humans. We convinced people we were until we were able to adopt human children, which we thought would make us feel more human.

We didn’t want to let them know that we were actually cars. We would think of excuses to drive them around all day. We would put them to bed at night (which was stressful because we had to leave the car and go into the house), and then retreat back to the car to sleep.

One day, I decided to try something: I would break my addiction to the car and become a real person! I bought a plane ticket and got on the plane. I was already panicking by the time I was sitting on the plane, because the parking lot was much further from the plane than I’d ever strayed before. The plane started to take off, and …

I woke up. So I guess it worked? I am a real person now!!

This dream is brought to you by the fact that I was tired and missed the bus and had to drive to work TWICE this week!