I had a dream that I met a guy at the coffeeshop and his name was Olive. He told me he was sad cuz he was going to marry a girl named Apple today, but she changed her mind and they will not be getting married.

THEN I bumped into Apple on the bus, and she said she was on her way to her wedding. I told her I’d bumped into Olive and he’d said she was not marrying him. Did she change her mind, or is she marrying someone else on the very same day she was supposed to marry Olive? This wasn’t adding up.

Apple told me that Olive was a person of limited mental faculties. She was friends with him, and he’d had a crush on her for years. She invited him to her wedding and he thought that meant she was asking him to marry her. She set him straight and I guess in his mind that became her changing her mind about marrying him.

Very sad.

And even more sad, the person she was marrying was named Adam, and was not named after a food at all!