I had a dream that there were aliens in orbit around the earth, and they wouldn’t really talk to us. However, they gave us a source of free, limitless energy. This was their plan to crash our economy so they could invade! Governments collapsed. Suicide became a big problem.

The aliens had sent spies to check out human civilization and report back about whether it was a good time to invade. The spies they sent were clones of humans, but their brains had been engineered from the ground up so that they were basically biological robots.

We found out when the spies were going back up to the mothership, and we hatched a plan: We found the actual humans that the clones had been made from - a brother and sister. We trained them to act like the robot clones. The plan was to send them up to the mothership and have them give false information, and the aliens wouldn’t be able to tell which were the real spies and which were the fake ones.

But the aliens figured out what to do: They took the brother from one pair and the sister from the other, and put them in a room together, and vice versa. They would feed them and keep them alive, but that’s it. The robots, with no mission, would just sit there, but they figured the humans would eventually crack and try to socially interact with their counterpart, and then they’d know. Clever!

These aliens know us better than we know ourselves!