I had a dream that I saw a documentary about chilling effects vs free speech.

The documentary compared kids in Canada to kids in the US. In both cases, we saw a group of kids maybe four or five years old, playing with skateboards. In the Canadian kids, one of the kids got an idea to draw the ultimate skateboard park, so they got some chalk and started to draw – okay, here’s a jump over the aligators, here’s a concrete sphere you can skate all around in, that sort of thing. The other kids joined in and they filled the whole playground blacktop with chalk drawing.

In the United States, the same thing happened - a kid got an idea and wanted to express himself. But instead, the kid ran far away from the other kids, drew the first bit, wouldn’t let anybody else see it, and started crying. There was so much to be afraid of! Copyright lawsuits, the NSA, something ends up on social media and prevents him from getting a job or going to college many years hence! Having an idea is a very scary thing, but it is hard to stop yourself. Expressing yourself, extra scary.

Chilling effects.