I had a dream I was in a post-apocalyptic future after the oil ran out and the food production system collapsed.

I lived in a city that was mostly abandoned and run by gangs and everybody was young because nobody lived that long.

I belonged to a gang called the “EnviroKidz”, also known as the “Greenliners”.

We stole food to survive, but paid some of our stolen food back to the EnviroKidz compound, where we were told that they were building a utopia to reboot civilization. But I suspected they were just eating cookies that we acquired through our hard work.

I went to the high-security grocery store and tried to buy some food. They told me to wait by the dispensing chute to receive the food (everything was kept behind bulletproof glass). But the clerk was another EnviroKid, so he had also stuffed a bunch of apples into the chute! I was supposed to get them back to our hideout.

But I hadn’t prepared for this. I didn’t have a bag. I grabbed all the apples up in my hands and started running because there were armed gangs at each intersection and they would’ve stolen the food I was so obviously carrying.

ALSO, before collapsing, the US government had released autonomous helicopters with machine guns, and one of these was flying through the street shooting, so I was ducking and hiding and dropping apples everywhere. I just barely made it back alive!