I had a dream the I put together a rawk show for the Capricorns to headline at, because they’re the best band. The show was at The Gallery Project.

In real life, the Gallery Project is closed and The Capricorns don’t make music together anymore, but Heather of the Capricorns is performing basically the same stuff as “Pure Magical Love”.

Anyway, in my dream I was the worst host!

The band would be crashing at my place. I had the bright idea to stuff their equipment in my shopping cart and walk it to the venue. They were skeptical but I told them it was a quick walk. It turned out that it was much longer than their taste.

The show went late into the night (Friday night). It rawked, though. But the show went so late, in fact, that afterward, I was like “Hey, the farmer’s market is going to be opening up. Do you mind if we stop by the farmer’s market on the way back to my place?” They were too tired to disagree with me. So I threw a pile of vegetables in the shopping cart with their equipment.

Then, on the way back home, we bumped into Otto the dog. I petted Otto and the band thought that meant this was my house and it was time to crash.

Well, I wanted to be cool and impress them, so I figured “well, the guy who lives here is nice… Maybe he’ll be cool with the band crashing on his floor.” He was highly skeptical, but too polite to say no. He fetched blankets and stuff. When I got back from parlay, I found that the band had rearranged the furniture in the living room and gone to sleep.

But I had become uncomfortable putting our host out this much, so I woke them up and was like “guys, it turns out you can’t crash here tonight. Sorry.” They were very understandably cranky about this.

The guy with the house wanted me to clean up the mess before I left, so I told the band “hey, just hang out there, I’ll be right out to take you the rest of the way to my place.” But then I took so long cleaning up that I was just imagining how mad they were getting at me.

I ended up setting my phone’s gps to navigate them back to my house and I was like “here, follow the phone home. I’ll clean up here.”

This is why I do not organize shows.