I had a dream that I went to a play in a UM building, with some people I didn’t know very well. On our way out, these people thought it’d be fun to throw some molotov cocktails. They didn’t seem to want to cause damage; they just thought it’d be fun and didn’t think about the consequences.

The UM police arrested ME for seeming to be with those people, but they let the actual molotov cocktail-throwers just go. I was banned for life from UM buildings. Later, I called a UM dept about this and asked why the police could summarily ban me from UM buildings without a trial or anything. They explained that since they are UM police, they are acting as proprietors as well as police, so they can take the action of banning me in their role as proprietors, and can then arrest me in their role of police enforcing my crime of trespassing against the proprietors (also them).

That seemed dubious. The stupid imaginary laws in my dreams are corrupt and need to change!

Fortunately, the Revolution was accomplished by me waking up… or WAS IT???