I had a dream that I thought I was dating a mermaid but I wasn’t sure. She acted so
aloof and weird. Her culture was so different from mine, I wasn’t sure she understood
what I was asking when I asked if she wanted to date me. I had a hard time contacting
her for like two weeks prior to valentine’s day. Finally, on valentines day, she
replied to my msg and told me to use a different website to communicate with her.

She could only read braille, so we had to msg each other on a braille website.

So I went and visited her underwater and explained what valentines day was all about,
for us land-dwellers. She said okay, we could do some hanging out. But she’d been
hanging out with this other land guy (she didn’t claim to be dating him), and he had
arranged an animal-rights protest today. Maybe we could go there as our date? I was
like “eh, you take what you can get”.

Apparently, I could breathe underwater and she could breathe above water and have legs
when she wanted to.

At the protest, I was amazed at how animated and passionate she was. She always
seemed so aloof about everything. But if you’re gonna get passionate about something,
animal rights is a fine thing. I was glad I was already a vegan so I didn’t make her
mad at me.

The end.