I had a dream that I borrowed money from a loan shark to buy a fancy digital camera. By the time the camera came, I had become less excited about photography, so I forgot to open it and forgot to pay the loan shark until they came to beat me up.

When I finally did open the camera, I found that it used the (by now) old wifi protocol, 802.11c.

Apparently, 802.11c used “concept” encoding. That is, each packet is “about” something. About a “concept”. If you can categorize the “concepts”, you can compress the packet by just naming the concepts it touches on.

Well, the only implementation of 802.11c was in Windows versions prior to Windows 7. So I went out and got the old “Burger King Desktop”, which was a CD that Burger King distributed in their happy meals or whatever. It was supposed to be a thing you installed on your existing Windows, and it would install a Burger King theme – background, home page, whatnot. But if you knew what was what, it turned out that the CD actually had a complete implementation of Windows 98. So I got that and ran it in a virtual machine, so I could pass 802.11c data through there and use it in the background.

I am okay with standards numbers being called out by name in my subconscious, but Burger King needs to get the F out of my brain.