I had a dream that I went to visit Community High in Ann Arbor, because the Raines girls were about to go to high school. Both of the Raines girls were named Margaret Amelia Raines, and each of them felt that you should refer to them as Amelia and the other one as Margaret.

Anyway, I helped them check out Community High, and it turns out that this school is one of those magical schools where magic stuff goes on all the time. Like, it’s much bigger on the inside, and it’s filled with magical creatures. There are no “classes” in the traditional sense. You just interact with magical creatures and they teach you the things you really need to know.

For example, while the girls were interviewing with some of the administrators, a dragon came up to me and bid me to come with it on a journey of discovery. I tried to refuse, saying that I was just waiting for my friends, and I wasn’t really a student. The dragon just stared at me, and I went with it. How can you refuse an offer like that?

We went through the Forbidden Forest, and came back on the sacred river, and I felt that I had learned what I truly needed to know.

The girls were done with their interview, and then we went to also check out Pioneer High. Here, there were metal detectors, strict rules, and falling ceiling tiles. One of the Margaret Amelias was like “Hah. I can’t believe we’d ever think about going to this school after what we just saw!” to which the other Margaret Amelia replied, “Are you kidding me? I am going to this school. This is what schools are supposed to be like. I can’t handle that new-age bullshit.”