I had a dream that I was in the space merchant marine, working on a shipping vessel. We were attacked by space pirates! They boarded us, but we were ready for them! We apprehended them and threw them in our brig. BUT because we’re not very skilled warriors, we didn’t give them a thorough search for weapons, so they busted back out of the brig and attacked. They threw me out the airlock and I started falling toward the planet we were orbiting, until I blacked out.

I awoke on the planet’s surface. I was like “How the heck did I survive that fall? I don’t even seem very hurt!”

I walked toward civilization. I found an office of the merchant marine and told them about the pirate attack. They said that I could get a nice, safe desk job, as compensation for having put up with that.

That was nice, except I was worried about my friends who were undoubtedly still fighting the pirates up there in space. Also, because of the realities of space shipping, I would probably never see them again. So that was sad. But on the bright side, I had a nice, safe desk job and I was alive.

My boss showed me around, and showed me the company housing where I could live and stuff.

After I’d been working there for like a month, I asked my boss “Y’know, the walls on the outside of my building have the same pattern as the walls in my spaceship did. What’s up with that?” and she got super defensive and snapped “that’s a really common pattern. A lot of walls are like that.”

One day, I saw that one of the metal panels had come off of the wall and was sitting just to the side of it. It was a secret passage! There was a tunnel in there!

My boss saw me starting to crawl into the tunnel and yelled at me “don’t you dare go in there!”

I crawled through the tunnel and, on the other end, I found my old ship, with my shipmates still fighting the pirates.

“Thank god you’re waking up, Ryan,” said one of my shipmates. They shot you with that mind control ray, I thought you were gonna be out for a long time!

Oh, so I guess that whole thing I’d just experienced was an illusion.

So I went back to helping my shipmates fight the pirates. The end.