I had a dream that there was this alien invasion. They were taking over cities one by one and rounding up all the people to kill. (they had kinda slug-like bodies, but their front half stood erect and they had arms)

I kept on sneaking around to free people. Eventually, they caught me. Because I’d been causing so much trouble, they wanted to interrogate me before just locking me up or killing me.

I asked why they wanted to kill us all. They said that they needed a new planet to live on. I asked why they couldn’t live on Mars, our second-best planet, and one that we weren’t using at all. They said it was too cold and the pressure was too low. I asked why they couldn’t just live on Earth with us. They said that they couldn’t breathe the same atmosphere. I pointed out that they were breathing the same atmosphere right now. They said that they needed methane. They could live for like an hour between lungfuls of methane, though. He demonstrated by sucking on the tailpipe of a motorcycle. I was like “You guys can breathe exhaust? I think we can work out an arrangement…” I proposed that they breathe the exhaust from our machines. This would let them live, and it would help us with our greenhouse gases. They said it would be humiliating to have to live with breathing devices all the time, and they needed to live free on the planet.

I said that we could live with a higher concetration of methane in the atmosphere.

And it was agreed!

The aliens used technology to increase the volcanic activity on Earth, and we dug canals for lava flow, so that there was lava flowing next to most streets in most cities, and lakes of lava near the cities. This released enough methane for the aliens, but not so much that it was dangerous for us. And a generation later, the aliens and the humans were friends, the end.

Scientists: Do volcanoes release methane?