I had a dream that I sought the Sword of Death. This was the sword that Satan used in his rebellion against Heaven. I wanted it because my loved ones were in Hell, and I thought that I could free them with the power of the Devil’s sword.

I had a friend who was a wizard. He had lived his life looking for the sword. He had briefly possessed it, but his quest had attracted too much attention from others who wanted the sword, or wanted that no one have the sword. He had to choose between the sword and his life. He cached the sword, hiding it in a swamp. It had been forgotten there for nearly a generation.

So I saw this as an opportunity. A forgotten swamp. Who would notice a lone woman (me, in this dream) approaching the swamp? I should be able to take the sword without attracting any attention.

My wizard friend warned me that it would not be that easy. The sword was cursed, and could only bring death. That is why he did not return for it.

But I didn’t listen. I made for the sword, alone.

But word of my quest made it around, and I met with opposition – those who wanted the sword for themselves, and those who wanted that no one possess the sword. I had to fight. I similarly had to make a choice – the sword or my life. I broke off my pursuit of the sword.

But I decided that my mistake was in relying on stealth. If my enemies would meet me in battle, I would meet them prepared. I raised an army. We would march for the sword, destroying everything that stood in our way.

But as we prepared for battle, my wizard friend approached me, begging that I not do this. He told me that the sword was cursed – that it only had the power to bring death, and that I could not hope to control it. Didn’t I see how it had brought death for those around him, and for those around me, when I sought it? Did I want to cause more death?

Finally, I realized that he was right. I stood up in front of my army, and I said “Hi guys. So, uh, I’ve decided not to get the sword after all. So, you guys can go on withouth me if you want, but I’m not coming. Sorry for all the fuss.”

Wise move.