I had a dream that there was this unscrupulous guy and his easily-manipulated friend. They made their living by going around to bars. The unscrupulous guy would bet people that his friend was so tough that he could take a bullet and survive. With enough beers, people would take him up on it, and shoot the friend. The friend would get back up, everybody applauds and hands over their money.

Well, I found out what was really going on! This guy was not impervious to bullets. He died each time, and would be raised as a zombie. He didn’t say much after the event, so nobody noticed. Then the unscrupulous guy would go lock up the zombie in his barn and pull out another fresh copy of his friend. He apparently had a bunch of copies of this guy!

Well, eventually, one day the barn door came off and the zombies all got out and it started the zombiepocalypse.

Flash forward to a few months later: Sasha had turned the law school into a bunker, and was teaching everybody how to fight the zombies. She didn’t actually know too much about it, but she was helping us all learn together. We learned shooting and swordfighting.