I had a dream that I lived in this idyllic place with gardens, villages, forests, and so forth. It was all indoors, though, and we never saw the outside.

We all had to go to work and perform incomprehensible activities involving machinery. We were given instructions, but had no idea what it meant. We were strongly encouraged not to try to figure it out.

One time, I tried to figure it out. I just couldn’t handle the curiosity anymore. I snuck away and fled to other villages and checked out their machinery. I was pursued by some form of police. I kept on having to hit the road. Sometimes people in villages would help me, and I would stoke their curiosity. Later, I would sometimes hear that these people had gotten in trouble with the law because of that curiosity.

Eventually, while investigating the bowels of some village’s machine, I found a window where I could look outside… into the cold blackness of space! And there was a big space battle going on!

It turns out that all of this was going on inside of the Death Star. None of us knew anything about this because it had been this way for generations. But the incomprehensible activities we were performing maintained the Death Star and caused it to fight in all these wars. Someone was in charge, and was manipulating us. Presumably because the Death Star required such a large crew that there’s no way they could’ve gotten enough people to agree to operate it.

Dude: Why do I keep having dreams in which I’m a civilian on the Death Star?

This time, though, it’s a metaphor for the USA.