I had a dream that I was flying with a squad of single-person fighter crafts over a city, defending it from a similar force, during a civil war.

The enemy were chasing us. As we flew over the industrial area, though, the enemy broke off pursuit. They didn’t even wanna shoot us down over there. We looked around and thought we found the reason: some of their guys were on the ground there, about to sabotage the place or something? Maybe they didn’t want to shoot us down and have our debris crash into them and compromise their mission?

We moved to attack. All the sudden the flyers were into attacking us again. We shot one of them down. They crashed into the shipping yard. And this detonated a nuclear bomb that had been placed there!

Apparently, even though they were our enemy, they didn’t want the place nuked, and were trying to prevent the fighting from setting off one of these booby-traps.

A couple of my flyers (including me) were far enough away that we were able to avoid being vaporized in the blast (the blast increased in size unrealistically slowly).

Seriously, dream? This dream was some nonsense.