I had a dream that somebody in NY had built a skyscraper made entirely out of glass.

Of course, something bad happened to it and the glass started to break. The building started to fall apart and fall over.

I was in the building, but instead of escaping immediately, I decided to go floor-by-floor to rescue people. I rapelled down the side of the building to get from floor to floor, and I’d strap people into a rope and let them get out too.

When I got to the bottom, my plan was to run back in there to check out the floors I hadn’t gotten to because they were inaccessible from my side of the building. But my mom was there and stopped me. She yelled at me because she thought I was dead and why hadn’t I called her to tell her I was alive?

In truth, a) I was busy saving people, b) It didn’t occur to me that this was already on the national news, and c) I would’ve assumed the phone lines would be jammed anyway.

Oh well.

Oh, and special thanks to Megan who, in this dream, was also saving people. Good work.