I had a dream that I was wandering around the basement and I came upon this old cast-iron hatch. It looked like an old coal-chute or something, except it was in the floor of the basement, and it wouldn’t make much sense to have a coal-chute there.

So I decided to open it to see what was down there. It was super hot to the touch! I got an oven mitt and opened it.

There was all this fire down there!

It turned out that this was a gate to Hell! A demon came up and talked to me. He said that the reason that I was able to find and open the gate was that I was a demon.

He said that Hell used to be a beautiful and wonderful place. But when God got mad at Lucifer, He cast Lucifer down to Hell. But that wouldn’t have been much punishment by itself, so God turned Hell into an awful place full of burning fire all the time.

Guess who was mad about that? The local indigenous inhabitants: The demons.

So that’s why the Devil is cranky and why Demons are opposed to God.