I had a dream that I was working with the city council. I think I was their Eye Tea guy and we were listening to a speech by some Google people. They were telling us about their plans to revolutionize the Internet (again). They were talking about a new method of working with the Internet that puts the user in the center, rather than putting the content at the center. Some sort of nonsense like that, that people are always talking about.

Anyway, after they were done, they were ready to answer questions. I got up and delivered a scathing speech about how this “revolution” of the Internet was really just about the corporation controlling more of people’s data, and that if we really want to revolutionize the Internet, we need to embrace federated protocols, with open-source implementations.

I also pointed out that whatever thingy they had proposed in my dream could be implemented as a federated protocol, and I suggested that Google help sponsor the development of an open-source version. I said that even if there was one, most people would use the Google version anyway, because few people want to host their own stuff, and other companies could try to set up their own, but they don’t have the brand recognition. Google could compete on the user interface, I said.

Anyway, I said that if Google did that, I would recommend this new product or whatever they were pitching, but until then, I would recommend that the city continue to host its own email service.

Anyway, that was my dream. In conclusion, what in the heck is up with me? This is what I think about when I’m unconscious? At least I know I don’t have a hidden Dark Side, or at least that it is VERY hidden.