I had a dream that I had a fax machine that could transport physical objects. You put whatever on the fax machine and fax it to my number, and then I can reach through the paper and pull out whatever it was you faxed. You didn’t even need a special fax machine.

I was bragging about it on a forum on the internet, and this one person was very vocal about not believing me. He was like “No way do you have a magic fax machine.” So I offered proof - my fax number.

So confident was he that nothing would come of this that he decided to send me a rude fax - a picture of his butt.

Well, now I had a serious opportunity to prank him back while at the same time proving my point. But what do I do? I can write something funny on his butt. I could put jelly on his butt. I sat around thinking of what hilarious prank I could pull, when it occurred to me that the picture wasn’t changing. Y’know what I had? I had a fax machine that could reach across both space and time!

Well, I couldn’t decide what kind of ridiculous prank to pull, but then I woke up.