I had a dream that Earth was out of fuel. No more cars, no more electricity, no more cooking with natural gas, nothing.

Just in the nick of time, another planet (that people called “Ark”) was discovered, that should have what it takes to support human life. A spaceship was going to be sent to move some humans to Ark. Meanwhile, the rest of Earth was evolving into chaos.

Fortunately, I had gotten a scholarship to get on the ship and go to Ark! Most people got to go there because of their membership in some group, but I got there on one of their few “individual scholarships”.

But uh oh, I didn’t know how to get to the ship! I hastily packed a bag and ran out the door. I figured that if I ran toward the airport, I’d figure it out.

I found Isaac’s dad and he gave me a ride (I guess he had a little fuel left). When I got there, I found that it was the wrong place, but there was a guy there in a tank that he had built to protect the remaining fuel reserves at the airport. He gave me a ride to the spaceship. I got on and then I felt out of place, socially, because everybody else belonged to some group. Also, I was in the Chinese section of the ship, and nobody spoke English.

Eventually, I found some English-speakers as we were getting ready to take off. This guy there said that he didn’t think there was such a place as Ark. He thought it was awful convenient that we found it just in the nick of time. He thought we were just going to fly in some random direction and hopefully we’d find a planet. But he liked that plan better than the plan of staying behind on Earth and getting shivved over a scrap of food or something.