I had a dream that I found Ra, and he had been kept in stasis. I was like “Dude, if I take his ID card, all the other gods are going to think I’m Ra!”

I grabbed his ID card. This woke him from stasis, but I had some time to get away. When I had his card, I looked like him and had his powers. (He looked like himself and had his powers as well, but nobody accepted that he was Ra). But when I presented the card to anybody, Ra would know where I was.

Well, I called together a board meeting of the gods and presented my plan to them: That each god would form a corporation. We would build skyscrapers. The gods did not like this plan, saying “This is not how we’ve done things!” I was like “listen, you guys are used to having temples built to you. When was the last time someone built a temple to Hermes? Well, that’s because THIS is what temples look like nowadays. We gotta change with the times!”

Eventually, Ra found me and stole his card back :-(