I had a dream that Bethany had another baby (except in this dream, it was her first). It was a girl.

In my dream, after a mother gives birth, they’re - like - unconscious for a couple days and friends and relatives hafta take care of the baby.

WELL, this baby did something HIGHLY unusual: During the first day of her life, she spoke in a full sentence. We were playing with her in the kitchen and she was on the floor playing with toys and stuff. Later, we took her somewhere else and she said “I can’t find the kitchen floor; where is it?”

In this dream-world, this was just as unusual as it would have been in the real world.

A couple weeks later, I was talking to this baby on the phone and describing the relative merits of Python with the Django framework vs Drupal (in PHP). She was like “oh, uh huh.” And people came up to me and they’re like “Who are you talking to?” and I was like “Bethany’s baby,” and they were like “… ???”

The awkward thing was that, although the baby was perfectly capable of holding a conversation, it had not yet been given a name, so you’d have to be like “Hey, uh, … baby. What’s going on?”