I had a dream that I could fly.  I would run and jump and just not quite come back down to the ground.  It was a lot like sliding on ice – I had no friction and no way to steer.  I was floating down the road to where the road curved, and I would have to smack into a car or land.  I didn’t want to land, so I kicked off the car to change my trajectory.  The road curved again, so I kicked off another car and changed direction again.

Finally, I came up to a person and I decided it was time to land.  It was real hard to keep my balance and it was taking a lot of concentration, so I thought I’d have to land soon anyway, I might as well talk to this person.

I was like "Dude!  Did you see how I was flying???"

The dude was like "No you weren’t.  You were running around screaming and kicking cars everywhere.  I almost called the police."

I was like "Oh.  Well in that case, I better go to the psych ward in the ER."

Well, I was taking the train to the hospital when I decided that we really needed to overthrow the CEO of "VOCOM", the company that was in charge of everything.  I started shouting about how evil VOCOM was, and how we needed to overthrow them.  I got the people riled up and we were chanting "Down with VOCOM!  Down with VOCOM!"  I was like "Sweet, now the revolution will start!"

and then I was like "Oh wait.  This is probably not actually what’s happening.  I’m probably just shouting on the train like a crazy person because I am crazy."