I had a dream that I worked for a computer company that almost exclusively took military contracts. Managing data and websites for departments of the military that intercepted and decoded signals and such.

I got Sigh and Amelia jobs there because they needed work. I had a company car, so I drove everybody to work one day. They were going to do regular office-type stuff, not computer stuff.

There was a guy at work that kept on sexually harassing Amelia. He told me, “Man, how come you had to bring a guy and a girl? You shoulda brought two girls! She is hot! I want more of that!” I tried to be civil, deciding that I wouldn’t react unless I got Amelia’s okay to do so. (partially for fear of stirring up stuff that would endanger my job).

That guy was supposed to be assigning Sigh and Amelia work, but he kept on not orienting Amelia and not giving her any work because she was a woman.

OH, AND DID I MENTION that our office was on an army base close to the warzone?

That is relevant because all the sudden there was a bombing campaign. We thought we were far enough away from the action that we wouldn’t be attacked, but nope. Bombers with killing bombs came and bombed us. We all cowered in the garage, which was the most sheltered place.

After the bombing, we decided to go home. This job was not worth it to anybody.

But then we found out that the company car was stolen, and we’d have to take the bus home and we had no idea how to do that. So we had to wander around in the streets, feeling unsafe, trying to figure out where the bus station was.

Dude: War is stupid. The army is stupid, no matter how indirectly you are affiliated with it. That is the moral of this story.