I dreamed that I accidentally transported into an alternate dimension. I tried to find my alternate-dimension friends, but I found that I had transported to the alternate dimension’s 1985, so all my friends were really young.

When I realized that it was 1985, I realized that I could invent a bunch of cool stuff I knew about from the future. I decided to invent text messaging. I was excited about it. I was going to use Grey Code rather than ASCII, under the theory that it took fewer bits. I remember explaining it to somebody, although when I woke up, I realized that, in my dream, I was not describing Grey Code, but rather Huffman code. I also considered using 7-Zip, gzip, and lzo compression.

But then I realized that I didn’t know how to implement these things (and don’t really know the algorithms for most of these things), and that there were no cell phones.

Then I was talking to some people and I realized that, in this dimension, nobody had invented rockets! I was all “You guys don’t have any rockets?” I started to describe how rocket engines work, and then I was like “In my dimension, they invented rockets during world war 2,” and they were like “world war what now?” and I was like “you guys didn’t have world war 2? You know, that war in the 1940s, with Germany and whatnot?” and they were like “Oh yeah, that little European thing with Germany? Yeah, that didn’t last long.” and I was like, “wow, cuz in my dimension, that Adolf Hitler was trying to kill all the Jews,” (I described the holocaust in some detail) and they were like “gosh, yeah, nobody likes how Hitler was trying to invade those other countries, but he certainly wasn’t trying to exterminate everybody,” and I was like “Oh, that’s nice, so nobody was trying to exterminate the Jews in your dimension, huh?” and they were like “What’s that ethnic group you’re talking about?” This dimension had no Jews to begin with! I don’t know about that.