I had a dream that I was a lady that had the power to reverse time, for like two seconds at a time. Nobody believed me about my ability until I discovered a dramatic way to demonstrate it: I’d pick up like five dice, ask people to say what they’d like to see on the dice, and then I’d keep on rolling them and reversing time until I got the desired distribution. Observers wouldn’t see the misrolls, they’d just say “gimme all fives”, and I’d dutifully produce.

I tried to think of gambling games played with dice, because I figured I could could make a bunch of money on that. It wasn’t until I woke up that I realized that craps is a game they play at casinos. (note: roulette wouldn’t work because you place a bet and then they spin the wheel for longer than I could reverse time for, so I couldn’t change my bet).

However, instead of getting rich, I was having a pretty good time going on TV shows to demonstrate my ability.

Man, I need to get some power over time. It’d be so fun.