I had a dream that Beth had received word from a reliable oracle that on a particular date, there would be an explosion that would cripple transportation.

Well, of course, we wanted to stop this from happening, but we couldn’t involve the authorities to help us, because our source of information was magical and they weren’t interested in that.

So we kept on checking all the trains and buses, looking for bombs, trying to figure out who would want to blow up transportation.

Well, this was all taking place in San Francisco, where I was visiting. Finally, the day arrived and we were like “Well, there’s nothing we can do now – the bomb is arriving and we didn’t stop it.” That was also the day that I was scheduled to leave SF (I had my ticket long ago).

Beth drove me to the airport. We were in the parking garage there. I noticed that, parked in the spot next to us was a motor scooter that had this big open cauldron of gasoline instead of a regular gas tank. This was an old, broken-down scooter that had been janked back into mostly-working order.

I was like, “Dude, this gas tank is super dangerous. Help me take this to a gas station to dispose of properly.” I detached the cauldron and started carrying it. Just then, the owner of the scooter came and was like “What are you doing with my scooter?”

I explained why I thought that thing was dangerous and he was like “Man, gasoline isn’t nearly as dangerous as everybody thinks.” He then plugged in a curling iron, into an outlet in the garage. He said that the battery on his scooter didn’t work, and the only way to start it was to wait for the curling iron to heat up and then jumpstart the bike with it.

I whispered to Beth, “Maybe we should get out of here…”

and when we got out of the parking garage, we turned around and saw the garage explode in a gigantic fireball. Apparently, the scooter exploded and that caused a chain reaction with all the other vehicles in there.

And the prophecy was fulfilled!

I stayed with Swapna until the planes were running again.