I had a dream that I went back in time to meet Nikola Tesla. I wanted to see how he worked and how he thought. I also thought I might feed him some ideas from the future. I figured that if he did so well on his own, he’d come up with super-duper amazing stuff if I fed him some stuff from the future to start with.

WELL, I met him and befriended him. I met him before he had started his research, during his World War I photography phase, where he was taking photos to show the horrors of the war. He took me to his house and I had dinner with his family.

While I was there, he told his son to put on a record. His son put on a record of classical music.

But the music was inexplicably clear. For an old Victrola 78, it had unexpectedly high fidelity. I looked over at the Victrola to see how that was possible. What I saw there, though, was not a Victrola, but a five-disc carousel CD changer!

I popped out one of the CDs and held it up, exclaiming “Tesla! What are you doing with this? How did you get it?”

Tesla explained to me that he was visited by time travelers all the time! One of them brought him this stuff.

Epilogue: Now, there are a great many historical inaccuracies in this dream. Rather than ascribe them to a wizard’s doing, I will say that it was because Tesla was visited by time travelers, and that’s why his life turned out different in that universe than it did in ours.

Firstly, in real life, Tesla began his electrical research many years before WWI. Secondly, he never married, had no children, and was celibate. Thirdly, real life historical accounts do not record any visits paid to him by time travelers. However, he was an opponent of war.