I had a dream that I got some big injury to my right foot. I knew it would need surgery. But I didn’t want to go to the doctor. So I asked Tony to do the surgery.

“What?” he was like. “I intend to one day be a surgeon, but I have no training at this point. You should get a real doctor.”

I was like “Maaan, don’t you want that experience? Don’t you wanna try your hand and see if this is really something you want to do?”

Finally, I convinced him to try doing surgery on my foot.

…, why did I do that? I think it was a little bit of “hippy pride”. I wanted to think that I knew people with all the skill it would take to do anything I needed done. I wanted to think that the whole, towering, incomprehensible infrastructure of society was not entirely necessary, and that a new world would be possible, that was based on human relationships that you could hold in your life.

So I asked Tony to perform surgery on my foot.

And it didn’t go well. I was still in pain, hobbling around for a few days. Finally, I went to a real doctor – my dad, apparently. (In real life, my mom’s a nurse practitioner and my dad has no medical training. In the dream, my dad was a competent surgeon).

He said that gangrine had already set in to my foot. The phrase “necrotic tissue” was used. He said he’d have to remove my foot. He said I could get a prosthesis that would allow me to still be able to walk.

Now I was starting to regret my decision not to go to the doctor immediately.

He took off my foot and gave me a prosthesis. I also got a cane to walk with. This super-sturdy cane that had four prongs on the bottom, for sturdiness purposes.

It was supposed that I would have to use the cane for like six months until I got used to the prosthesis, and maybe I’d never be able to go without a cane.

However, I started to be able to walk without the cane in like two days. And then I started to be able to FEEL the prosthesis, like it was my own foot. Nobody believed me about that, though. Until I started to be able to wiggle the “toes” of the prosthesis. Soon, it started to regrow into an actual foot! It was a miracle.

My theory is that my foot fell asleep while I was dreaming.