I had a dream that I was living in a house with Jae and some fictional guy. I was also hanging out with a fictional friend. Me and the fictional friend and Jae were going to have dinner together. We had gone out and gotten fancy ingredients and everything. In the world of the dream, this was not an uncommon occurrence, but also not a regular one.

Well, fictional friend (who I will refer to as FF) and I were waiting around for Jae before we started to cook. It started getting late. We were going to meet at 7:30. It was 9 and we started wondering when she was coming home. Finally, one of us thought to knock on her door. She was there! She said that she’d already cooked and eaten food for herself. What?? That’s lame. She made no apologies or excuses for ditching us.

Well, over the course of the next day, both FF and I independently noticed that nobody was going out of their way to talk to each other. Conversations seemed to be restricted only to immediate business at hand. We met up in the evening and decided to go walk around and try to start up a few conversations. We met with failure. People would respond to us, but never volunteer any information or questions.

FF and I came back to the basement of our house. We were both scientists, so we decided to think up a scientific experiment to see how widespread this trend was, and to peruse the literature to see if there were any previous studies on this topic so that we could plot “hanging out over time”, to see if it really was the case that people were at an all-time high antisociality.

Then we remembered the OTHER science experiment we were doing in the basement. The alternate dimension portal! We weren’t done with it yet, and no tests had been successful. The other day, though, it had started to overheat and I had to touch part of the portal with my hand in order to shut it down.

Could it be that we had accidentally transported ourselves to an alternate dimension in which everybody was boring??? If so, we’d be trapped there until we figured out our dimensional portal enough to bring us back.

One good thing about this alternate dimension, though:

In real life, there’s terribly boring music on the radio and everybody thinks it’s good.

In this alternate dimension, there’s super awesome music on the radio and everybody is bored by it (in addition to everything else). Although I don’t understand: If everybody’s boring, who is interesting enough to have made this music??