I had a dream that my mom sent me to a military boarding school. Oh noes!

I was supposed to learn discipline and respect and stuff there.

In practice, a drill sergeant barked orders at us and it was highly unpleasant.

The only good thing about this academy was that both The White Ravens and Heather Lynn of Pure Magical Love and The Capricorns were also attending this boarding school. So whenever we had R&R time, at least we got to listen to good music!

WELL, one day, the drill sergeant ordered us to get out on this ice skating rink and feed menstrual blood to some babies. They had recruited some local hippie parents to provide the blood and the babies. They were totally into it because they were like “This makes us feel so Connected!”

Well, I says to the sergeant, “this is bullshit. This is weird stuff and there’s no way to obtain consent from these babies. I’m not doing it.”

The sergeant said, “Cadet, there is one thing you have to learn from this and that is that my orders are orders and you will follow them for no other reason than that they are my orders, no matter how weird they are and no matter what you think of them. Now get out on the ice and feed that menstrual blood to those babies. That’s an order!”

and I was like “Listen, I’m not in the army and I’m never going to be. I don’t have to take your orders and I don’t have to learn to do it. I’m leaving”.

So I left. But now that I had left the boarding school my mom sent me to, I couldn’t go back home, either. I had to live in the Trumbullplex! The front door wouldn’t stay shut unless it was deadbolted and people kept on not deadbolting it and I lived in a room close to the door so I’d always have to get out of bed to deadbolt the door when the cold came in. Oh well. At least I didn’t have to take arbitrary orders from psychopaths.