I had a dream that I stuck my ATM card into the ATM and suddenly, without me having to press any buttons, it just started spitting out all this stuff. Not money, exactly. Instead, it was coupons for Cobblestone Farms. In real life, Cobblestone Farms is a place in Ann Arbor where people have weddings. In my dream, though, it was a casino/resort that was maybe an hour or two’s drive from Ann Arbor.

So the machine is spitting out all these coupons. They’re as good as money at the casino. I’m grabbing them all up, thinking I’ll just go there and cash them in. Also, though, I’m a little worried about getting in trouble for this. When the entire drawer where they keep the money popped out of the machine, I had the opportunity to grab handfuls of $5000 coupons, but I was too scared to. (the machine had been spitting out a mix of notes, between $1 and $5000).

THEN, an ATM repair guy comes out and looks at the machine. He concluded that it was an honest mistake, and I shouldn’t be held financially liable for their mistake, so (much to my surprise) he lets me keep the money.

The next day, I’m hanging out with Bryan. He needs to use the ATM, so I say “Y’know, the funniest thing happened to me yesterday when I used the ATM…” and as I’m saying this, he sticks his card in and the same thing happens! It starts spitting out all this money!

…, with different results.

This time, a police officer comes. He’s heard about the incident. This is a different ATM, but he sees that I’m involved here and says “Okay, once is an accident. But you’re clearly doing something to these machines.” He goes to radio something in to the station, so I whisper to Bryan.

“Do you think this is Samantha’s doing?” Samantha is a [fictional] witch that’s part of this [fictional] coven. She hates me, so I figured she probably cast some spells to make this happen so that I would get in trouble.

Before Bryan and I can discuss this possibility, the cop is back and he takes us to his car and shoves us in the back.

I’m thinking “Oh gosh, we’re going to jail.” But the cop gets on the freeway. What?

“So,” he says, “we’re going to Cobblestone Farms, eh?” Horray for corruption! He’s not arresting us, he just wants his cut at the casino.

So we got to the casino and handed him his share. Then me and Bryan hit up the sweet games. Talkin’ skee-ball. Talkin’ vintage pinball. Oh yeah.

Well, guess who I met there? Chloe! Another [fictional] witch from that coven! And it turned out that she is the one that cast the spell that let me have all those coupons. And she did it because she liked me and wanted me to visit her at her place. She lived on the second floor of the Cobblestone Farms (“the Magic floor”).

WELL, Samantha found out that I was there and she reported to the security people that my gains were ill-gotten, and so the Cobblestone Farms Security-Magic Division was after me. The magic floor of the place was much larger on the inside than the outside, though, so there were plenty of places to hide. Chloe was teaching me some magic, which I used to escape and hide from these people.

The only spell I specifically remember casting was that Chloe had us jump down this gigantic pit to elude the guards. I cast a spell so that I could fall that distance without being hurt, and then I cast a spell to be able to breathe underwater.

I think we were able to have fun underwater for at least awhile then. Y’know: sandcastles; playing music on shells; that kind of thing. But I woke up, so I didn’t get to see it all.