I had a dream that I went to a party for myself. UNBEKNOWNST to me, people had somehow gotten the impression that I was dead, and this wasn’t a party for me, this was a funeral for me!

Well, I was standing up on a stage and everybody was sitting around me (it was a “theater-in-the-round”-type stage). I thought it would be really awkward to announce that I wasn’t dead, though. All these people went to all this trouble. I figured it would be more tactful to slowly introduce people to my non-death individually. So I played it off. I acted like I was a holographic recording that I had left behind to be played at my funeral (believable, because I don’t die till the Future, duh).

I kicked the switch that operated the trapdoor on the stage. Then I planned to sneak out from under the stage while people were watching the next speaker, and slink out the back of the hall.

But as I was crawling out, I bumped into somebody’s chair and alerted them. She started to scream.