I had a dream last night that Munir, a guy at work, had two Dwarf Elephants in his office. Every day, I came and petted them and gave them peanuts. But he seemed kind of blase about them, as if he were only keeping them because he had to.

One day, I came into work and the elephants were gone. Munir said that he had submitted a ticket to the IT department and they came and took them away.

When I found out that the IT department dealt with Dwarf Elephants, I contacted them and got the password for the Dwarf Elephants. I could go to the park to play with them, and now that I had the password, I could even talk to them. I was playing with a baby Dwarf Elephant (HIGHLY CUTE DREAM!). It had some toy and it kept talking about how it wanted me to play with the toy with it. (it spoke in body language, I just understood it very well).

I had this dream after falling asleep reading the Dwarf Elephant page on Wikipedia.