I had a dream that there was a zombiepocalypse. My day to day life was about running around shooting zombies with a pistol and looting the remnants of society. WELL, I heard about a place where there was a safehouse built by hip kids. I longed to live a life where I could relax and not fear for my life all the time.

So I fought my way to the dock and stole a sailboat and sailed to where I the map said that the safe house was.

I arrived at the safe house. Nobody was there at the time, but there was evidence that this place was often occupied. So I decided to avail myself of the couch. A couch! Finally, I could take a break from shooting zombies to relax. Also, there was a bookshelf and I could read some of the books. Books! – a rare luxury in those days.

Eventually, a bunch of people came through the house and kept on asking me what I was reading, making it difficult to read. Among them: Kristin and Paul.

So, after awhile, I got really excited about the culture of the safe house. It was known to be a sweet place, and so people were always coming there and we all worked together. But I wished that things could be like they had been. I missed home. I suggested that we work to expand the safe zone to include Ann Arbor again.

But apparently, the house was much further away than I had realized. We were in Dubai! Aside from homesickness, this presented some other logistical challenges. There was concern that we should not make that our permanent fortress because in the summer it will be very hot and it’s a desert so we would have a difficult time finding food when the cans ran out.

Well, I woke up before that became a problem! Whew!