I had a dream that Amelia won a scholarship to go on some fabulous trip to New York City for the summer. Isaac and I decided to visit her there. We were all staying in a pretty sweet hostel that was chock full of friendly and cool Europeans. There was a lobby with some comfy couches and a somewhat-broken-but-mostly-serviceable piano, and a nice porch and everything I need. What could possibly go wrong???

WELL, let me tell you what went wrong!

First, Amelia was out smoking pot on the porch with some Europeans (that’s just what they DO in Europe!) and somebody from her program caught her and they yanked her scholarship.

THEN, she was complaining about that and she was like “Man, how am I going to stay in New York now???” and Isaac was like “No problem. Just yesterday, I got this lotto ticket for eighty thousand dollars. I’ve got it right here in my p- pocke- … Uh… did I leave it in the lobby last night?” And it was nowhere to be found!


In conclusion, this is EXACTLY what New York is like and I am not exaggerating.