I had a dream that I was hanging out with the anti-sweatshop protestors on campus. They had big plans to go on this protesting tour with a big van, and they had this huge trailer in which they were carrying a WHALE! The whale had something to do with the protests – protesting whaling? Protesting pollution in the oceans? Something like that.

Anyway, they had managed to wrangle some money out of the University for this trip by writing a compelling essay that talked about saving the planet like it was a patriotic thing, and avoiding topics like anti-capitalism and anti-globalization.

So the road trip is on. And I’m in the van with them. And then we get a fax on the mobile fax machine they have. It’s from OBAMA! Their essay had come to the attention of some contest that the white house was having, and so they were offering to pick us up in Air Force One and fly us to Washington, DC to speak at an event at the white house.

Well, Washington, DC was on the itinerary anyway, so the plan was to scratch the protests that we were going to have en route, and then do the speech at the event, but shock everybody by going off script and talking about this anti-capitalist, anti-globalization stuff that we’d been hiding. And then go to the rally we’d scheduled in Washington, DC and display the whale and stuff.

But the big problem was: How do we get the whale on board Air Force One? People talked on the phone to white house representatives, and we discovered that there was a swimming pool on board, so we were discussing (amongst ourselves) the feasibility of smuggling the whale into the pool. Would the plane be able to fly? We don’t know!