I had a dream in which Amelia played the part of Lois Lane (except with a British accent, as per P’arry’s dream in which I had a British accent).

Lois was pregnant with Superman’s baby! I was hanging out with her when all the sudden she was in tremendous, enormous pain! This must mean that she’s ready to give birth, but – I don’t see why anybody didn’t foresee this complication: The baby had super powers! That’s too much for her Earthling body to handle!

I got her into her car. Her parents came too (I think they lived in the brownstone next door). But her brakes weren’t working. It was too dangerous to drive, so we called an ambulance.

I was joking with Lois to make her feel better while we waited for the ambulance. I said “Hey, you know: Your baby is going to be half super!” She seemed annoyed at this suggestion. She’s tired of being unfavorably compared with Superman, so I continued: “… AND HALF FANTASTIC!” This pleased her.

(btw, where was Superman in all this? I think he was out fighting crime or something).