I had a dream that P’arry and I were hanging out at Jason Voss’s apartment. Jason wasn’t there. In my dream, Jason lived in an apartment building.

Jib Kidder showed up to pick something up from the apartment. I felt threatened by him – I felt my life was in danger. So I chopped Jib Kidder’s head off with an axe.

Afterward, when I thought about it, I couldn’t think of anything specifically threatening that he had done. I had no idea why I had suddenly felt my life was in danger.

Later on, me and my mom went by that apartment building (she didn’t know what had happened). She said that she lived in that building in the 60s, just after it was acquired by a new owner and cleaned up. Apparently, before she lived there, it was a wild hippy building, known for cool Bohemian art and living. After awhile, it became known for cool Bohemian living and parties. After awhile, it became known for parties and drugs. After awhile, it became known for drugs and drugs. Eventually, for no reason anybody knows, all of the residents doused themselves with gasoline and lit themselves on fire. She’d always felt that was an evil place.

So that explains what had happened to me: The building was cursed!