I had a dream that Sarah, Tyler, and I were going to go to Canada for skiing. We walked up to the border, because it was going to be a pain in the ass to get a car across.

When we were just about at the border, I says to the people, I says, “Okay, did everybody remember their passports?” and they were both like “Oh! No, I totally forgot, dude!” I got all mad and I was like “How on Earth do you expect to cross the border? Do you have a birth certificate? Anything?” “No.” “No.” I was like “God dang it. Well, I guess we’ll TRY to cross the border, but I have no faith that we’ll be able to cross. Geeze, man. I can’t believe this.”

Then, when we got to the border, it turned out that I had ALSO forgotten my passport! DOH!

FORTUNATELY, Jae was the person working as the border guard! She knows me, and she was able to let it slide this time! Thanks, Jae.

Then, when we got across the border, we went to the duty-free shop and bought a tandem bicycle – a three-person tandem bicycle – A TRANDEM bicycle! That’s how we planned to get to the ski place.

It was a kind of a scary trandem bicycle because only the front person had any handlebars to hang on to.

But it worked out, I’m pretty sure.