I had a dream that I tried to make an appointment with Penny Hawkins. I don’t remember why I wanted to meet with her, but she was a Very Important Person. I called and left a message asking to make an appointment for Saturday at 2. By Saturday, she had not called back.

Well, her office was in the same building as sushi.come, and around Saturday at 4, I happened to be walking around there, so I thought “I know, I’ll go try to make an appointment in person. Maybe that’ll work out.”

I went to the office, and there was a huge long line of people waiting to see her. Velvet ropes and everything. I got in line, but then Penny Hawkins herself (played by Grace Potts in this dream) came out of her office and was like “Ryan! Why did you keep me waiting for two hours?” I was like “Oh, gosh. I never got a call back, so I didn’t think I had an appointment.” She was like, “Of course I want to meet with you, come right in.”