I had a dream that I was on this archaeological expedition in Thailand. We were going to follow this legendary “path of the gods”. We went deep into the woods and found the poorly-marked path. Occasionally, we’d see little religious artifacts on the ground – shrines or something. That was how we knew we were still on the path. No archaeologist had ever followed this path all the way, so we didn’t know where it led. We thought there might be some kind of temple or something.

Well. We got to the end of the path, and there was this clearing there, with the greenest grass and the bluest sky – greener and bluer (respectively) than the grass and sky that we observed all along the path, somehow.

We looked around, wondering what this clearing was all about. A few minutes later, another group of archaeologists emerged from another poorly-marked path. We were pretty confused, because we hadn’t heard of another expedition in our area. Well, the heads of our expeditions talked with one another, and it turned out that the second group had started out in Brazil, and had walked about the same amount of time as us.

Just then, another group of archaeologists emerged from another place. These people were from Kenya.

Apparently, these societies had each discovered some magical path they could walk on.

I begged the leader of my expedition to let me walk out through the Brazil one, so that I could be the first person in recored history to use these paths for travel. He said that’s fine by him, but I’d have to find my own way back from Brazil to Thailand.

I asked the leader of the Brazil expedition, but he said that they couldn’t accommodate any more people in their camp. By the time I had talked to them, the Kenyan expedition had already gone back. People were kind of afraid of this whole situation, so that’s why the groups weren’t mixing very much.

I decided to follow the Brazil path anyway, and remember my own way back. Rather than go to Brazil and fly back to Thailand by traditional means, I would follow the path, remember how I did it, then walk back to the nexus through the path, and go to the Thailand path myself. It’d be tough, because these paths were not easy to follow.

I found someone from the Brazil expedition that was willing to try this with me. He would help me walk back the Brazil path and I would help him walk the Thailand path. The theory was that since we’d done these paths before, it’d be easier to do them again.

We walked the Brazil path and saw the camp at Brazil. I made sure to touch the ground and stomp on it and stuff, so that I could be sure to say that I’d set foot on two continents.

Then we headed back.

Back at the Nexus, though, we saw another path we hadn’t noticed before. We decided to see where that led.

Rather than letting out at some obscure jungle, this path let out in a shopping mall. We walked around, mystified, looking at all the shops, trying to figure out where we were. How could that door have been in the mall the whole time and nobody had noticed that it led to a mystic path? DID people know? Greek. The signs were in Greek. We must be in Greece.

Well, then I woke up.

Update: I’m pretty sure that the Greek people either built the paths or found a way to secretly tap into their magic. I just remembered this. You see, while I was at their mall, I saw this lady and I was like “is she levitating?” and I was staring at her, and when she noticed that I was staring, she tried to pass it off as practice for a stage magic show. Her companion quickly put around her one of those bags that you put a dress in, and she was all “See, no strings” (in English, but not specifically directed at me). Then she got down to the floor.