I had a dream that I had a briefcase full of cash. It was all the money that had been donated to the Work Gallery that year. (in my dream, the Work Gallery was a nonprofit organization, not a University dept). I was supposed to bring the cash down to the gallery for some reason. I dropped off the money and got a receipt. OR SO I THOUGHT!

It turns out that I had accidentally dropped off the briefcase at “See”, the eyeglasses store, a few doors down from the Work Gallery. I realized that the next morning, when I got a very angry call from the Work Gallery.

“Uh oh”, I thought. “How am I going to make this up to them?”

Well, it turns out that the “receipt” that they gave me was actually stock. It turns out that I had bought a large amount of stock in See. Furthermore, upon the news of the huge windfall, the stock prices had shot up! NO PROBLEM! I just sell the stock and give the money to the Work Gallery. This is what I did. It ended up that I was able to drop off much more money than I originally would have.

And then the next day, I was arrested for insider trading.