I had a dream that I crashed my car. I was like “I’ll go check that farm to see if someone can help me.”


Y’know what they grew on that farm? Women! They had cloning technology, and they would clone these ladies. They called the clones “replicants” and didn’t treat them like people. They trained them for one job: To attract rich men to marry them. The idea is that then they could send money back to the farm. If they got too old without being married, they would be “terminated” and they would unfreeze the original and make a new batch of replicants from them.

The ladies explained to me that there was no cameraderie between them. They were trained to compete with one another.

Well, I helped a few of them escape.

Normally, they would be watched, so even when they were off the farm, the farm would know where they lived and stuff, so they were never free. The ladies never anticipated that they would be free. But now, the farm didn’t know where they were, and they were free.

They decided to devote their lives to freeing other women who had met this fate. I helped them. They would track these men, the husbands, and they would kill them and free the women. They were very concerned with the idea that humans are difficult to kill. So you stabbed them, huh? You’re sure he’s dead? You’re sure a doctor can’t fix him up and he’ll live?

So they would only consider the job done if they chopped off his head AND drained his blood.

I would help them by distracting the guy until they got in a good position to strike, and then I would help the woman escape.

Sometimes, the rescued women would also join the cause. The police were baffled by the sudden rise in this type of killing. It seemed like the work of a serial killer, but how could one serial killer get in all these places?