I had a dream that I lived in a mall. Not just a mall, but a whole world of mall! Everything everywhere was mall. I never saw the outside. I didn’t know it existed. Everybody just walked around, shopping and working at the mall all the time.

One day, me and my sister were walking around (my sister was played by a made-up person). We found something highly, highly strange. The Boundary! The mall was behind us and the Outside was ahead of us. Most people were so weirded out by the Boundary that they just averted their eyes and pretended they didn’t see it.

The mall placed a greeter there, to ease people’s minds.

But my sister and I were like, “Dude, let’s check this out!” So we walked outside and we found the craziest stuff there. Sky, grass, clouds. People also lived there, but they lived in houses that were separated from one another.

We got lost out there, because we were unaccustomed to finding our way around without mall directories and clear layouts. A nice old couple took us in and let us stay with them. They got us violin lessons. That was amazing! I’d never known that there was such a thing as creativity before. Creativity, it turned out, was the greatest. That and endeavor.

We lived in this way for three months, but one day, the mall caught up with us! Apparently, it grows of its own accord. Holy schnikies! It swallowed up the small town we lived in. Suddenly, we were back in the mall.

This we did not want. So we walked outside again. And immediately, the mall grew to engulf us again. The greeter strongly encouraged us not to leave the mall. Apparently, the mall had figured out that we wanted to escape, so it was doing the best it could to make sure we could not. We realized we would have to sneak out.

So we went to the store that sells the little scooters, and pretended to be regular customers, just looking at the scooters. But suddenly, we jumped right on the scooter and powered it full-blast down the hall and right out of there!

The mall attempted to catch up with us, but we were going too fast. We realized that we would have to hide from it for the rest of our lives.

What ensued, I can only assume, was that each episode, we would come to a new town and face new challenges. We would have to come up with new ways to hide from the mall, and ideally, ways to hide the town itself from the mall. Always, though, we would have to tearfully and secretly depart from the people and connections we had made, to ensure the safety of their way of life.